About Us


Our Company practice upholds a purposeful approach to our work, achieving decisive and unambiguous results. Our assertive standing within our expertise of creating an innovative e-commerce solution is the result of goal-oriented diligence and passion towards technology that hears and empower people to maximize the opportunities on how solutions with use of social media, can ease the hassle and security of transacting online.


As the first middle man e-commerce payment solution in Asia, we aim to take our user to the new era of 21st century where technology and solutions not just take part but also become the necessity in every aspects of our lives.


SurePay gives you the opportunity to take control on all your transactions online. May it be from selling or buying, we are handing out our 100% assurance to deliver an outstanding e-commerce payment service that secures your money and items from scammers online.


Our specific goal is to provide our customers a seamless online transaction. Thus, we encourage them to give us insightful feedback and suggestions so we can take those into considerations and include it to the milestone of our on-going product enhancement.

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